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A new Festival created in support of the International Piano Academy Lake Como

In the world of the Arts, public institutional support is fading rapidly.

For the International Piano Academy Lake it has never materialized in any form or fashion since it”s inception in spite of our many requests for support in recognition of our contribution to maintaining a tradition of high level of standards in the training  of exceptional talent, in particular in Italy where we have our home.

We have persisted, however, in providing free tuition, practice space and pianos from the beginning of the Academy in the year 2002. Many of our former students would never have had the opportunity to study with our great masters for purely financial reasons and as a consequence our school would never have become the “Pearl” of an Academy celebrated around the world without them!

So now our former  students are pitching in to help save our school for the next generation of exceptional young pianists that we have been forming since our beginnings. These seven pianists have achieved great artistic results in their careers after leaving the Academy. But in a way, they never left! They consult with us constantly and they are very proud to be a part of this wonderful series of concerts and it doesn’t stop here! We are already preparing for the next series of concerts which will be as original and refreshing as this one.

Check back with us soon!

Second edition: Autumn 2019 (Como, Teatro Carducci and Grand Hotel Cadenabbia/Griante)

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